Would you like to create your freedom lifestyle? 
Would you like to create your freedom lifestyle? 
What you will learn:
  •  What affiliate marketing is.
  •  How affiliate marketing works for you. 
  •  What your affiliate journey looks like.
  •  How we help you to market.
  •  How the power of leverage benefits you.  
  •  How you can leverage from the Lifestyle by Laptop platform.
  •  How we help you get started. 
  •  The power of the affiliated products.
  •  How our sales team sell for you.
  •  How we help you earn money.  
Live your life from anywhere you choose to. Your business grows from wherever you happen to be.
Family Time
Enjoy quality time with those you care about and want to be with to experience all those special moments.
Work on your fortune
Your job pays the bills...However, this business helps to build a financial fortress for you and your family.
Personal Growth
You are the most important person in your life. When you grow, everything around you grows.
Automated Platform
The platform is designed to work for you whilst you do the things you enjoy, with no pestering family or friends.  
Support and Mentorship
Be surrounded by positive, motivated people striving forward to achieve their goals whilst supporting you.
  •  Earn an Income Online 
  •  Leverage our 90% Automated Online Platform 
  •  Simple to Follow 
  •  Positive & Supportive Community 
  •  Personal Development 
  •  Not MLM or Crypto currency    
  •  Flexible Hours    
  •  Full System Training    
  •  No Pestering Family & Friends   
  •  7 Day FREE Trial
Take advantage of the 7 day FREE trial (FREE, means FREE...you will not be asked for your credit card) so you can make a conscious decision on this being the best platform to help you earn an income online.
We believe YOU and your FAMILY deserve to have ‘POWER OF CHOICE’ each day. To choose to get up when you want, to do what you want each day, to have more time with your family, to travel when you want, to purchase what you want, to live from a place of comfortability and most importantly FREEDOM.
VISION: Our vision is to help millions of people worldwide to create a lifestyle business in which they can have total confidence that they will create financial and time freedom, and that the ethics of the community will always represent people before profits. The way that we will achieve this is by providing our community with the skills, the tools, and the unrivaled support, to help them build a business, whether they are brand new to business or they are seasoned digital marketers. Our community will have a trust like no other, because of the honesty and integrity of our mission. And our community will provide all of the personal development that could possibly be needed by any person in order to take action and grow a business and achieve self mastery.    
MISSION: Our mission comes from our experience in the coaching, network marketing, and digital marketing industries, which are all too commonly based around making the majority of their money from people within their community and the endless upsell. It comes from a disgust with the never ending list of scams that are advertised online, offering Guaranteed $10,000 funnels, and unlimited leads. It comes from a frustration with the network marketing industry, and the ‘numbers game’ lottery where new representatives into companies are taught to harass their friends and family in the hope of getting rich quick rather than being given effective marketing training and being given the mindset to be willing to operate professionally and, show patience in growing the foundation to their business. It comes from watching friends attending endless personal development seminars and spending thousands on trying ‘to be ready’ to grow their business, but never taking any action.  
VALUES: And finally we were born from the desire to provide a system which for one affordable price, allows our community to follow a simple process to have their business running in a number of hours. We then focus them on a few simple tasks to create a business that will give them scale, leverage, and duplication without having to gain the expertise and charisma that is usually required to be a leader in other companies.  
Our motto is 
Our Motto is: 
Education – Empower – Inspire  
And our values can be summed into 4 words; 
Trust – Simplicity – Effectiveness – Support.
Who are the Founders?
Meet the founders and find out why they are so passionate about improving your life! 

Martin Ball

Martin is a man completely on purpose, helping to inspire others to take action for their own life. His journey is one of inspiration as he worked through the darkest times of his life to embrace the person he truly is and the role he was placed on this earth to play.
In 2014, after two mental breakdowns, Martin was diagnosed with clinical depression. Through this journey, he had two moments where he almost took his life and was hospitalised for his own safety. Dave was there as a supportive, driving force getting Martin back into the community.
To date Martin has helped hundreds of families experience a better life while sharing his journey and the tools he uses to maintain his incredibly positive outlook on his life and life as a whole. Professionally, he has built 6 figure businesses within the home based business sector, and helps teach people daily on how to do the same.
Martin and Dave work side by side to ensure every person they are fortunate to work with has the best opportunity of achieving a lifestyle of freedom. 

Dave Cottam

Dave is health and fitness enthusiast, which fits perfectly with his role as a Holistic Health Coach. A gold medal winner for European Lacrosse he knows the work required to succeed.
In only two and a half years in the home based business industry, he has built two businesses and has coached hundreds of digital home business owners to success through mindset, marketing and sales coaching.
Now, with his vision to share his simple formula of ethical, authentic business strategies and the tips to create an income using the new economy, Dave is passionate about bringing education to the world and teach how to create an income from home.
Dave believes that any coach or coaching business should have a successful business of their own in order to give them credibility and enable them to practice and share their strategies with others.
Lifestyle by Laptop does just that, bringing together the best in the business, to guide you to success. 
What others say about us? 
Here is what members of our community have say about Lifestyle by Laptop...  
'So grateful to be a part of this amazing community. the opportunity that Martin and Dave have presented is fantastic and their vision for the future is something I very much want to be involved in. Couldnt recommend these two amazing guys more!!'
- Andy Rowlands
'This really is one big family. I'm dyslexic and was really nervous starting up. I thought it wouldn't be for me but a little help from dylan and I'm sorted. big thanks to dylan and lifestyle by laptop for giving me the opportunity.'
- Daniel McGregor
'I would like to say Thank you so much to Dave and Martin for everything they have done. I jumped on board and was a little hesitate at frist, but after speaking with dave and how he was very informative and not once pushy, he just said to check out the free info and see if it aligned with me. After 2 days i toke the time to check it out and it blow me away and i joined up without any hesitation.
SInce i have joined this amazing community, i have learnt how to Set my goals and dreams and put them into ACTION. My personal development has come so far since, i started to read books which i haven't read in many many years, i have got so much value from finding my WHY in life, my goals and dreams have come to light and i am so grateful i choose to become apart of this community.
The support and inspriration coming from each and everyone in this community is absoulutly amazing!! Everyone supportrs and pushes one another to achecive what they desire in life.
Dave and Martin are truly amazing mentors, they always go above and beyond. Always supporting you through everything, even helping when you need someone to just talk to. Martin has always helped me along my journey, he has always been there to support me when ever i needed help or advice he truly is an amazing person truly wanting you to achieve in your business. They are always there to support you no matter what time or day it is they are always there for you 100%.
Since Joining, i have found my "WHY" and it is to retire myself and my wife and to leave a legacy for my children and to give back to the community and to help other's achieve their goals and dreams, just to be able to give back what i have been given a chance at.
If anyone is wanting to jump on board, then i TOTALLY recomend it!! This is not only a business but it is a COMMUNITY but i would more say FAMILY! Dave and Martin are absolutely amazing leaders and mentors, they are not only my mentors and teachers they are definitely become FAMILY to me. Don't just take my word for it, you need to check it out yourself to understand what I mean.'
- Loan Phan
'After being involved in different companies and seeing the platforms they have. I have to say Lifestyle by Laptop is hands down way ahead of the 8 ball. The teachings and training's they do you'd pay thousands to learn. The personal development is amazing but more importantly is the community spirit. Everyone is equal and we are like one big happy family all moving in a great direction. I would highly recommend LBL.'
- Dylan Hammond
'Lifestyle by Laptop as a Company, Community and Platform is truly something unique and definitely has a league of its own. This sort of platform had to start somewhere in this century, and it’s here, and it’s real, and it’s fantastic!
The Company itself has really reassured me that there are trustworthy and ethical companies out there who are just doing their thing in fulfilling their Why. The guys behind the million dollar(s) idea has shown me ongoing support from the moment I gave this a shot till today and I don’t doubt tomorrow.
The Community is second to none. From working in a gymnasium with a competitive vibe and unsupportive group of people, to working in a real estate agency with competition driven people, a strict corporate community, lack of support and an environment which goes completely against my nature and character, it was hard to be me. I thought that was normal. Now, being apart of Lifestyle by Laptop, I feel so grateful to realise, at just 21 years of age, that’s it’s not! I don’t have to live a life without choice and without fulfilling MY purpose. If I continued in the corporate world, where I wasn’t allowed to be my AUTHENTIC self, how could I ever possibly dig any deeper and discover my goals and fulfil my purpose?
The Platform itself IS too good, but it’s certainly true. I’m using it. I have experienced it firsthand. The level of training is insane. It practically took me through the set up of my global business step-by-step through video training.
Not only has LBL given me the opportunity to earn time and financial freedom, but it has encouraged me and given me the necessary tools and knowledge to dig deeper, to connect with my soul, to listen to it and understand my calling. It has given me passion I never thought I had. A dedication which I also certainly never thought I had.
If I could describe LBL and the experience of it in one sentence, I would say... If you introduced this system to someone this time last century, not one person wouldn’t be jumping out of their seat at the opportunity, completely mind blown by the ease and quality of life this system offers.
With a 7 day free trial, if I didn’t take up on the opportunity, I just wouldn’t have been serious about making the shift in lifestyle... period.'
- Serena Andrews
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