Here is where you can find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions answered by Martin, one of the founders of Lifestyle by Laptop. 
Will I have to sell to my family and friends? 
My friends say it sounds like a scam...is it a scam?
How much does it cost?...and why is there a cost? 
I am not very good with technology... can I do this? 
How much time will I need to commit?
Are there other costs? 
How long will it take me to earn money? 
What do I have to do? 
How do I earn money?
What am I selling? 
What if I need help with something?
What is the community? 
What is the platform?
Is it a pyramid scheme?
Are you building a team? 
What is affiliate marketing? 
What is 90% automated and what is the 10%? 
Is there any more information? 
Can I try it first? 
What's the catch? 
I really want to do it. I don't know why I'm not starting. I think I'm just scared...is it for me? 
One of my friends did something like this and didn't make any money and says they're a scam...is this true?
I understand that there is a membership payment to leverage the Lifestyle by Laptop platform, does somebody get a commission of that, for signing me up? 
Are the social media ads there so that I can sign up more people or would I actually be selling a product and earning commission off it? 
Will the social media advertising fees come from my pocket? 
What type of business would I be joining?
Why do you have to private message me the info? 
Why aren’t you upfront about what the products are? 
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